SERVICES - What can you expect?
  • Your initial approach will be referred to the most appropriate person
  • We will meet with you on a one to one basis to discuss your concerns
  • The meeting will usually take place in West Byfleet between 10 am and 8pm
  • The meeting will provide you with the opportunity to talk through your difficulties arising from job loss or business failure, mortgage or debt problems and increased family strains and difficulties and for us to provide a sympathetic ear whilst suggesting your next steps
  • The content of these meetings will be confidential and support from Gateway is free. However, we may refer you to other organisations for further help.
  • This website contains appropriate links to other organisations who may be able to help you

To help you assess your own financial position, we have prepared a simple form to identify the key features of your position.



Proforma to list assets / liabilities, and income & expenditures

Is a Voluntary Arrangement right for me?